The Thirst for Knowledge -
Audience Data in the Arts


Catalyst Arts - Beth Aplin, Kieran Cooper and Sarah Denner Brown - undertook a major study for the Arts Councils of England, Scotland and Wales in 2003 into the way information about audiences is used across the arts as a whole.

The report is available to download in three sections:

The executive summary contains the report's main recommendations and conclusions, and responses from the Arts Councils outlining how they plan to take this forward - 12 pages. Read this if you want to get an overview of the project
Click here to download this Acrobat PDF file (199Kb)

The main report contains the findings of the consultation, details of the recommended projects, general recommendations and a proposed overall timetable - 36 pages. Read this to get a more detailed picture of the project
Click here to download in PDF format (692Kb)

The appendix contains the detailed descriptions of the recommended projects which were designed to form the basis of consultancy briefs - 31 pages. Read this only if you are interested in the fine detail of the recommended projects
Click here to download in PDF format (416Kb)

If you are unable to open the report documents, click Adobe's icon below to download the free Adobe Acrobat PDF reader
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